Donald Trump: ‘We Need Republican Roy Moore to Win in Alabama’

President Donald Trump restated his support for Roy Moore, the besieged Republican candidate for the senate seat in Alabama.

“Democrats refusal to give even one vote for massive Tax Cuts is why we need Republican Roy Moore to win in Alabama,” Trump wrote on Twitter. “We need his vote on stopping crime, illegal immigration, Border Wall, Military, Pro Life, V.A., Judges 2nd Amendment and more.”

“No to Jones, a Pelosi/Schumer Puppet!” Trump wrote on Twitter
Trump restated his support for Moore by name, after weeks of allegations of his pursuit of high-school aged girls 40 years ago. The president remained cautious about his support for Moore in recent weeks, but was eager to oppose Democratic Senate candidate Doug Jones.

“Putting Pelosi/Schumer Liberal Puppet Jones into office in Alabama would hurt our great Republican Agenda of low on taxes, tough on crime, strong on military and borders…& so much more,” Trump continued on Twitter. “Look at your 401-k’s since Election. Highest Stock Market EVER! Jobs are roaring back!”

Prior to Thanksgiving, Trump defended Moore in the wake of the allegations, suggesting that they might be politically motivated.

“He totally denies it. He says it didn’t happen,” Trump said about Moore noting that the alleged incidents took place over 40 years ago. “Forty years is a long time. He’s run eight races, and this has never comes up.”

Trump is scheduled to rally in Pensacola, Florida on Friday, about 20 miles from the Alabama state. Former White House chief strategist and current Breitbart News chairman Steve Bannon will rally for Moore on Tuesday.

This post originally appeared on Breitbart


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