Five Major U.S. Military Operations Where Fewer People Died Than During Ramadan 2017

The 1,639 Islamic extremist perpetrated deaths throughout the Muslim holy month of Ramadan this year surpassed the American troop fatalities on at least four U.S. military operations that respectively expanded over more than 30 days, including the Persian Gulf War.

This year, Ramadan started on the evening of May 26 and culminated at the same time last Friday.

After taking into account victims who succumbed to their injuries and the release of official figures, Breitbart News determined that there were 3,343 casualties (1,639 deaths and 1,704 injuries) in about 30 predominantly Muslim countries.

The Ramadan deaths this year are higher than the number of American troops who paid the ultimate price during the following conflicts:

1) Invasion of Grenada (October to December 1983): 

At least 19 American troops lost their lives during the conflict, which resulted in U.S. victory in a matter of weeks. The number of Ramadan deaths far exceed those that took place during this event – the number of deaths during the holy month are 85 times larger than the fatalities that took place during the operation.

2) Lebanon Peacekeeping Operation (1982 to 1984):

A total of 265 U.S. troops died during the mission, which amounts to less than 20 percent of the fatalities that took place during Ramadan this year. The number of Ramadan fatalities is more than six times larger the American military fatalities during the operation.

3) Invasion of Panama (Mid-December 1989 to late January 1990):

There were 23 U.S. military deaths – less than 2 percent of the total number of Ramadan deaths – during the invasion of Panama. The number of fatalities during the holy month is more than 70 times larger.

4) Persian Gulf War (August 1990 to April 1991):

There were 383 U.S. military deaths during the operation, a number that amounts to less than a quarter of the fatalities that occurred throughout the holiest month for Muslims. The number of Ramadan fatalities is more than four times larger.

5) Restore Hope Mission – Somalia (1992 to 1994): 

At least 43 American troops paid the ultimate sacrifice during the battle. The number of Ramadan deaths is nearly 40 times greater.

Islamic extremists perceive Ramadan as a time when Allah exceptionally rewards martyrdom and jihad, a belief that prompts a spike in the terrorist attacks during the period every year.

Jihadi groups promote the belief that they will be doubly compensated by Allah if they fatally castigate infidels during the holy month.

Breitbart News’ count, gleaned from the Religion of Peace website in coordination with news reports, excludes casualties directly linked to battles between U.S.-led coalition and Iranian- and Russian-backed troops loyal to dictator Bashar al-Assad.

Most Muslims follow the Ramadan tradition of abstaining from eating, drinking, smoking, having sex, and other physical needs each day, starting from before the break of dawn until sunset.

This post originally appeared on Breitbart


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