Transgender Cadets Can Graduate from Military Academies But Not Serve


Two transgender cadets will be able to graduate from military academies on the condition that they pass their exams, but they will not be allowed to serve in the military after graduation.

The Air Force and Army will not allow the cadets to be commissioned into the military because the Pentagon has not yet established guidelines for accepting transgender troops, USA Today reported.

The military has not released the names or the new genders of the cadets, who still must pass their exams before they can graduate, but one attends the Air Force Academy, and the other attends West Point.

The Pentagon ended its ban on transgender soldiers from serving in the military last year, allowing them to serve openly in the military.

However, the Pentagon is still working on a policy for accepting new transgender troops that they are looking to phase in this year.

A spokesman for the Air Force Academy said the cadet in question cannot be commissioned into the Air Force, but the school is recommending the cadet for “Air Force civil service.”

“Currently, there is an Air Force Academy cadet who has identified as a transgender individual,” said Lt. Col. Allen Herritage, an academy spokesman. “The cadet can graduate. But, per the current (Defense Department) transgender policy, this cadet cannot commission into the Air Force. However, we are strongly recommending this individual for Air Force civil service as an option for continued service after the academy.”

An Army spokeswoman said there is a cadet who is on track to graduate from West Point upon successful completion of final exams, but will not be allowed to serve on active duty.

“We can confirm that a military academy cadet has identified as transgender, however, per the current Department of Defense medical accessions policy, this cadet cannot commission,” Army spokeswoman Cynthia Smith said in a statement.

She added that West Point would recognize the cadet’s biological sex at graduation and not the cadet’s preferred gender.

The Pentagon’s change in policy on transgender soldiers goes beyond just letting them serve in the military. The Navy, for example, is mandating that all sailors undergo transgender behavioral education before July 1, 2017, the date when the Navy will start accepting transgender recruits.

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