Trump Lawyer Ty Cobb Tells Troll He and John Kelly Are ‘Adults In the Room’

White House special counsel Ty Cobb suggested in an email exchange with a man trolling him that he joined the Trump administration to defend the “third pillar” of democracy and that he and White House Chief of Staff John Kelly were the “adults in the room.”

A man named Jeff Jetton, the owner of a popular ramen restaurant in Washington, D.C. and an amateur researcher of Trump’s alleged ties to Russia, sent Cobb with “obscenity-laden” emails earlier this week. Cobb responded and they engaged in a lengthy exchange, which was later provided to Business Insider.

“How are you sleeping at night? You’re a monster,” Jetton reportedly wrote to Cobb on Tuesday night.

“Like a baby …” Cobb responded.

Jetton continued to insult Cobb, likening him to “that horrid clown from the Stephen King novel.”

Cobb reciprocated, telling him, “Enjoy talking to the Secret Service. Hope you are you less than nine years old as you seem to be …”

Jetton wrote that Trump is “screwing everyday Americans” and that “I don’t have to tell you that, it’s right there slapping you across the face.”

Cobb seemed to defend himself, writing: “Dude U have no idea! I walked away from $4 million annually to do this, had to sell my entire retirement account for major capital losses and lost a s—load to try to protect the third pillar of democracy. Your hate I will never understand as an American. Hope you get help!”

Asked by Jetton to “set the record straight” and explain how Cobb is “justifying” his role at the White House to himself and others, Cobb said he “can say assertively [that] more adults in the room will be better. Me and Kelly among others.”

When Jetton asked Cobb what “drives folks like you to give up their legacies and careers to stand side by side with him,” Cobb further defended his philanthropic record, asserting that the Russia investigation was hurting Russia’s cooperation with the U.S. against North Korea.

“You should check out my record, Chairman of the Grand Canyon Trust, largest donor to Mercy Corps, significant donor to Historically black colleges, Feed the Children and other needy and important groups to the tuber of over $4 million in last 10 years, among others,” he wrote.

He defended joining the White House and called the Russian investigation “bullsh-t.”

“Three pillars of govt. All deserve a defense,” he continued. “Particularly with phony allegations and fake news. I am on be here for long but will be I my piece against bull—- Russian bull—- that hurts us now and is totally political limiting Russian cooperation against NK. This s— is real and real time. Got to go: Best, Ty.”

Cobb later replied to another “amateur Trump-Russia sleuth (and troll)” on Tuesday night, shortly after his exchange with Jetton, suggesting she should get an IQ test, according to Business Insider.

“Not really fantasies when Russia just stated on Sunday they regret ‘electing Trump,’” Olga Lautman wrote to Cobb. “They don’t seem too happy with Trump. Americans aren’t either! Oh well the truth shall set everyone free.”

Cobb responded: “Seriously Dude, if anyone loves you, let them take you to an IQ test and then do what they suggest….love and peace.”

Late Saturday night, Cobb responded to a Business Insider reporter via email to questions about the firing of former FBI Director James Comey: “Are you on drugs?”

Cobb joined the White House in July to oversee the legal and media response to the FBI’s investigation into Russian meddling and any potential collusion with the Trump campaign.

Later in the week, an email prankster tricked Cobb in another lengthy email exchange into believing he was Dan Scavino Jr., the White House’s social media director and assistant to the president.

Cobb told the prankster he has “great confidence” the president would not be implicated in the Russia investigation, according to a private exchange of emails with the prankster later posted online.

“I have great confidence there is nothing there implicating the President or the White House,” Cobb wrote back, according to the exchange posted on Twitter by the prankster.

“Manafort and Flynn have issues separate and apart from the WH that will cause the investigation to linger but am hoping we get a clean bill of health soon. Best, Ty.”

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