French presidential election results – live


Independent centrist Emmanuel Macron has won an emphatic victory over far-right candidate Marine Le Pen in France’s presidential election, according to preliminary estimates.

  • Macron won 65.1% of the second round vote, according to preliminary estimate by Ipsos-Sopra Steria, while Le Pen secured 34.9%
  • Hackers hit the Macron campaign with a ‘massive’ document leak on Friday night
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The great debate
came out on top against Le Pen in a particularly vitriolic presidential television debate on Wednesday, according to polling.. During the showdown – which was watched by some 16.5m people – the two clashed on the euro, radical Islam, immigration and jobs.

Commentators said Mr Macron was able to remain calm and presidential in the face of a barrage of personal attacks and jibes from Ms Le Pen. A snap survey of 1,314 likely voters by polling firm Elabe showed that 63% of respondents rated Mr Macron as the winner, with 34% picking Ms Le Pen.

Che bello!
Paolo Gentiloni, Italy’s centre-left prime minister, welcomed Mr Macron’s victory in a tweet , saying “hope is wandering around Europe”, reports the FT’s James Politi in Rome.

His enthusiasm was matched by Matteo Renzi, the leader of the ruling Democratic Party, who has even borrowed Mr Macron’s slogan of En Marche! – In cammino in Italian – as his own political slogan. Read more about the Macron-Renzi relationship here.

The PD is facing its own struggle to rein in populist movements in Italy ahead of an election planned for 2018. Matteo Salvini, the leader of the far-right Northern League, which has closely aligned himself with Ms Le Pen in recent years, said thank you to her for her efforts in a Facebook post. “Who fights never loses, ” Mr Salvini said.

Love France
In one of his first of a flurry of tweets as president-elect, Macron says “Let’s love France”

Translation: “Let’s love France. From tonight and for the next five years, I will serve [France] in your name with humility, with devotion, with determination.”

Marion weighs in
Marion Maréchal-Le Pen, Marine’s niece and a
rising star in the National Front, blames “biased” media coverage of her aunt for the result.

Translation: Marine did a great campaign on the ground but she was also the victim of particularly unjust treatment by the media

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