Better soldiers are ready to sign up

Better soldiers are ready to sign up

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Better soldiers are ready to sign up ^ | Frank Friday

Posted on 11/14/2017 4:01:19 AM PST by RoosterRedux

Our military, especially the Army, is already in deep trouble because of the low quality of recruits. Now the Army has a foolish new policy of enlisting even more mentally challenged soldiers. It’s already terribly expensive to find qualified soldiers. We spend a staggering amount of money on TV commercials and other recruiting efforts. Yet, bringing in more men who are likely to wash out is not going to fix anything. It just makes it all the more expensive. Bring back the draft? Hardly; there is no political will for this and the modern military needs enlisted men who can serve at least 10 years. That’s when they really achieve the skills to run today’s high-tech systems. The typical two-year draftee is only learning his soldier’s craft when his enlistment would be over.

There is a solution though, if we could take a page from our military’s glorious past — bring back the Philippine Scouts! The Scouts were the most famous of the many hundreds of thousands of Filipinos who served in U.S. military units as late as the 1970s. During the intra-war period, they were considered America’s most elite infantrymen. These were not the ordinary territorial militias or police, or resident aliens enlisted from the U.S. Rather, these were in-country Filipinos who for most of the 20th Century could join directly into Regular Army battalions based in the Far East, or serve as sailors on U.S. Navy ships. The last Filipino Army enlistments ended with WWII, but the Navy continued to recruit until 1976, when Jimmy Carter ended the policy.

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Not sure what to think of this, but it is a interesting idea.

To: RoosterRedux

Have you been to the Fils lately?
The Makati Kids won’t do a damn thing to save themselves.

How about mandatory service for ALL at 18?
How about paying enough to make it a real career choice?
How about teaching civics, patriotism and real American History?

Our America is worth fighting for.
“Politics is downstream from culture”, so start the fight to reclaim a culture that supports and honors our military.

2 posted on 11/14/2017 4:12:39 AM PST by Macoozie (Handcuffs and Orange Jumpsuits)

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