"N. Korea Evacuates Residents near Punggye-ri" … Attention to Possible Nuclear Test on 25th

“N. Korea Evacuates Residents near Punggye-ri” … Attention to Possible Nuclear Test on 25th

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“N. Korea Evacuates Residents near Punggye-ri” … Attention to Possible Nuclear Test on 25th
KBS ^ | 2017.04.21

Posted on 04/21/2017 6:29:21 AM PDT by TigerLikesRooster

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“N. Korea Evacuates Residents near Punggye-ri” … Attention to Possible Nuclear Test on 25th

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N. Korea recently evacuated residents near Punggye-ri nuclear test site in North Hamkyung Province, and S. Korea/U.S. intelligence authorities are reportedly paying close attention to any related developments.

Intelligence sources said on Apr. 21th (today,) “Residents living near the nuclear test site have been evacuated to shelters by N. Korean authorities. It is quite likely that it is related to a nuclear test, based on their past behaviors.”

Additionally, they said, “More frequent flights to an airfield near the test site have been observed. Planes are suspected to be carrying scientists.”

Punggye-ri test site is where five nuclear tests have been conducted since 2006, and S. Korea/U.S. intelligence authorities are warning that N. Korea can conduct another nuclear test at any time.


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2 posted on 04/21/2017 6:30:07 AM PDT by TigerLikesRooster (dead parakeet + lost fishing gear = freep all day)

To: TigerLikesRooster

Were citizens evacuated before the other tests?

If not, then possibly the Norks actually expect the next one to produce significant explosive yield — or to vent.

Keeping an eye on area seismic data…

3 posted on 04/21/2017 6:40:18 AM PDT by TXnMA (Remember the Alamo! Remember Goliad! REPEAT San Jacinto!!!)


Spitting on China and telling them it is raining for the whole world to see.

4 posted on 04/21/2017 6:42:23 AM PDT by AppyPappy (Don’t mistake your dorm political discussions with the desires of the nation)

To: TigerLikesRooster

Let’s just hope th test yields about 50 times on what they planned on. Hope the scientists were so scared of a fizzle and death they added some extra Red Bull.

5 posted on 04/21/2017 6:42:26 AM PDT by oldasrocks (rump)

To: TigerLikesRooster

Kim Jong-un may be quite capable of doing a James Cagney in “White Heat”.

“Made it, Ma! Top of the world!”

He could be THAT nuts.

6 posted on 04/21/2017 6:46:47 AM PDT by COBOL2Java (“Game over, man, game over!” (my advice to DemocRATs))

To: TigerLikesRooster

I’m mulling over the possible scenario of someone dropping a “rod of God” on the site just before detonation.

Pros: intense damage to site disrupting nuke test activity, total destruction of evidence (deniability).

Cons: delivery may be detected & traceable, possible subsequent detonation of nuke to undesirable consequences.

Just a thought.

7 posted on 04/21/2017 6:47:33 AM PDT by ctdonath2 (It’s not “white privilege”, it’s “Puritan work ethic”. Behavior begets consequences.)

To: TigerLikesRooster

The North Korean problem will not be resolved by the United States negotiating with the Norks. The Norks get their news on the United States from CNN. They probably think that Senator Schuemer and his ilk will carry the water for
them, that they would be more aligned with the Norks than President Trump.

The only non-military option is for China to strong arm the little egomaniac and replace him.

8 posted on 04/21/2017 6:50:09 AM PDT by odawg

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