Onward marches the Great Pause Global temperature update

Onward marches the Great Pause Global temperature update

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Onward marches the Great Pause Global temperature update
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Posted on 12/18/2016 2:30:55 AM PST by Candor7

Since October 1996 there has been no global warming at all

(Fig. 1 ){see at link]

. This month’s RSS temperature plot push es up the period without any global warming from 18 years 1 month to 18 years 2 months (indeed, very nearly 18 years 3 months)

. Will this devastating chart be display ed anywhere at the Lima conference? Don’t bet on it.

Figure 1 . The least – squares linear – regression trend on the RSS satellite monthly global mean surface temperature anomaly dataset shows no globa l warming for 18 years 2 month s since October 1996. The hiatus period of 1 8 years 2 month s , or 21 8 months, is the farthest back one can go in the RSS satellite temperature record and still show a sub – zero trend.

What will the chart look like this time next year, at the beginning of the Paris world – government conference, at which the Treaty of Copenhagen will be dusted off and nodd ed through by the scientifically illiterate national negotiating delegates of almost 200 nations, ending the freedom and democracy of the West and putting absolute economic and political power in the hands of the grim secretariat of the UN climate conventi on?

When the November 2015 RSS data are available, how many years and months of zero global warming will have occurred? Enter our friendly competition by putting your best estimate in comments. For guidance, at the December 2012 Doha conference I was banned from UN climate yadayadathons for life for the grave sin of telling the truth that there had been no global warming for 16 years. And an el Nino of unknown magnitude is expected during the boreal winter, followed by a compensating la Nina……….

(Excerpt) Read more at o.b5z.net

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This is an excellent non-consensual science paper on the myth of global warming.

We need to be up on this stuff as the Donald begins dismantling the EPA.

1 posted on 12/18/2016 2:30:55 AM PST by Candor7

To: Candor7

Article is from 2014. The warming since that article was written was from El Nino

Without counting El Ninos there is a small trend over the satellite record. And the flattening is still there as Moncton would probably point out with current data. A better person to have around to speak about this is Judy Curry, a lukewarmer.

JC message to the alarmed scientist/advocates:

Get over it, your side lost. Changes of Presidential administrations occur every 4 or 8 years, often with changes in political parties.

Get busy and shore up your scientific arguments; I suspect that argument from consensus won’t sway many minds in the Trump administration.

Overt activism and climate policy advocacy by climate scientists will not help your ’cause’; leave such advocacy to the environmental groups.

Behave like a scientist, and don’t build elaborate conspiracy theories based on vague conflicting signals from the Trump administration. Stop embarrassing yourselves; wait for the evidence.

More at https://judithcurry.com/2016/12/15/the-latest-climate-conspiracy-theory/#more-22599

2 posted on 12/18/2016 2:50:13 AM PST by palmer (turn into nonpaper w no identifying heading and send nonsecure)

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