Schumer Says Sessions Should Resign, Calls for Special Prosecutor

Schumer Says Sessions Should Resign, Calls for Special Prosecutor

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Schumer Says Sessions Should Resign, Calls for Special Prosecutor
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Posted on 03/02/2017 8:29:03 AM PST by bryan999

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) called on Attorney General Jeff Sessions to resign in the wake of a report that he had contact with the Russian ambassador last year and did not disclose it to senators during the confirmation process.

Schumer said it’s “better for the country if he resigns,” but that the most important thing is that a real investigation takes place.

“Has it already been compromised?” Schumer asked.

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Hey Schmucky Chuck — how about you resign?? You’re a disgrace!

1 posted on 03/02/2017 8:29:03 AM PST by bryan999

To: bryan999

Pure comedy from a dying Dem party.

To: bryan999

Today’s Democrat feeding frenzy…

3 posted on 03/02/2017 8:30:55 AM PST by goodnesswins (Say hello to President Trump)

To: bryan999

Insert Jennifer Lawrence gif.

4 posted on 03/02/2017 8:31:43 AM PST by moehoward

To: bryan999

Gee Chucky, I don’t recall you asking for Atty. Gen. Lynch to resign after her secret meeting in the airplane with Bill Clinton, or Obama to resign when he whispered to the Russian guy that he’d be able to do more after re-election, and on and on and on and on. Lots of Democrat underhanded stuff went on that we never heard a peep out of you.

To: bryan999

Democratic mantra:

“There is no vote fraud.”

“The Russians hacked the US election.”

“There is no vote fraud to investigate.”

“The Russians stole the election.”

“There is no vote fraud.”

If the Russians stole the election wouldn’t that be a form of vote fraud?

6 posted on 03/02/2017 8:32:32 AM PST by PBRCat

To: bryan999

The Senate has always been a prime source for fake news. I think it is the most concentrated group of liars on the planet, even beating the press at that metric.

7 posted on 03/02/2017 8:33:03 AM PST by Cboldt

To: bryan999

In a just world, Schumer would swing from the tallest tree in Washington.

Sessions didn’t lie….he was asked if he had contact with the Russians during the campaign, and he correctly answered no.

Sessions met with the Russian ambassador when he, Sessions, was a senator on the Armed Services committee, and he also met with the ambassadors from India, China, Germany, the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, Japan, Korea, etc.

To: bryan999

I simply do not get this at all. Please help me.
So all the NYT or WaPo has to do is put out a supposed leak and then it has to be investigated?
Where’s the proof? Where is this leak? Who is it and what was said. Are there recordings of all these supposed links/ties/meetings with Russia.
I’m begging for one tiny piece of hard evidence.

To: bryan999

I really, really hate this guy.

10 posted on 03/02/2017 8:34:08 AM PST by Ciaphas Cain (The choice to be stupid is not a conviction I am obligated to respect.)

To: bryan999

Is it a lie or he just didn’t disclose it? Geez… He was a EFFING Senator at the time. Trump needs to get his ass out on TV and shut this shit down. Tired of it. Sorry for the rant. But Damn.

To: bryan999

Did Chuckie meet with any Russians? Uh huh. I thought so. Guilty.

Did Chuckie ever talk to Hillary Clinton?

12 posted on 03/02/2017 8:34:58 AM PST by petitfour (Appeal to Heaven)

To: PBRCat

“If the Russians stole the election wouldn’t that be a form of vote fraud?”


To: bryan999

How bout your fellow SHJ Lois Lerner, Chuckie?

Where were your resignation calls for that corrupt, political b****?

You unAmerican, lying hypocrite. You’re a disgrace.

14 posted on 03/02/2017 8:35:53 AM PST by A_Former_Democrat (“Liberalism is a mental disorder” On FULL Display NOW! BOYCOTT Mexico nba NFL PepsiCO Kellogg’s)

To: bryan999

Chuckle: if you have evidence that the Russians bribed Sessions, then produce it.

We have the evidence that your pal Vice President Al Gore, Democrat, was caught with a suitcase full of money from the Chinese government WHICH WAS A BRIBE!

15 posted on 03/02/2017 8:36:20 AM PST by blueunicorn6 (“A crack shot and a good dancer”)

To: bryan999

And this is exactly why Sessions should not volunteer to recuse himself, or be asked; it only emboldens these POS Democrats for more bold demands.

I’m hopeful Trump doesn’t take the “We need to be conciliatory” bait and ask Sessions to recuse himself. It will embolden the Dems and make us look pathetic and weak.

Sessions says he did nothing wrong…great! Then please stop signaling to the Dems that you’ll recuse yourself! Good grief this is maddening!

16 posted on 03/02/2017 8:36:34 AM PST by Artcore (Donald J. Trump – 45th President of the United States of America!)

To: bryan999

This targeting of Sessions is a coordinated effort by the DNC and media. They are all crowing this morning about Sessions.

This is what they do when they don’t have the legislative numbers or power. They stomp their feet and throw up dust.

Maybe word is getting out that Sessions is reviewing Carlos Danger’s hard drive and that the pizza charges are about to drop.

17 posted on 03/02/2017 8:36:53 AM PST by bkopto

To: bryan999

They seem to want a civil war. If they want it, they will get it.

18 posted on 03/02/2017 8:36:54 AM PST by ZULU (Particular circumstances can never be used to justify an act that is intrinsically evil.)

To: Ciaphas Cain

What I really hate is the news networks give these morons’ mutterings 24/7 coverage.

19 posted on 03/02/2017 8:37:25 AM PST by sheana

To: bryan999

You Chuck Shumer are so jealous that President Trump is EVERYTHING you are not…

You have, from the time you were born, been a disgrace to your family, your religion, and your State…

If you don’t like the way things are going, remembering you LOST, your the loser in this past election, then go back to New York and do something important: SHUT THE HELL UP!!!

You are filth, out and out filth, A.G. Sessions knows all about your little ‘ping pong pizza’ thing going on, as most of us do that have been doing the research on it…yes and we have it and can expose you so badly that it would take down half of the Senate, Representatives and most all of the government departments…so go home, sit down and shut up or we just might have to bring the government to it’s knees…

A lot of people on here don’t want to believe that ‘pizza gate’ is real, but it is and it have long legs that reach into foreign countries and to keep things quite they are paying these people a lot of money, A LOT OF MONEY!!!

20 posted on 03/02/2017 8:38:12 AM PST by HarleyLady27 (‘THE FORCE AWAKENS!!!’ Trump/Pence: MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!!!)

To: bryan999

I wish McConnell had 10% of Schumer’s fighting temprement.

21 posted on 03/02/2017 8:38:26 AM PST by Oldeconomybuyer (The problem with socialism is that you eventually run out of other people’s money.)

To: bryan999

I now know, by his desperate actions, that Charles Ellis Schumer, Senator of New York, is a pedophile involved in #PizzaGate.

22 posted on 03/02/2017 8:38:38 AM PST by Lazamataz (The “news” networks and papers are bitter, dangerous enemies of the American people.)

To: moehoward

23 posted on 03/02/2017 8:38:39 AM PST by Slyfox (Where’s Reagan when we need him? Look in the mirror – the spirit of The Gipper lives within you.)

To: All

I am sick and tired of all these “professional politicians” who care about nothing their own power and party to the detriment of America and our people…

Time for term limits and/or any other way to eliminate them from our government…

2018…Vote their asses OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

24 posted on 03/02/2017 8:38:45 AM PST by JBW1949 (I’m really PC….PATRIOTICALLY CORRECT!!!!)

To: bryan999

The exact question asked and the exact answer given will put this to rest, schmuckie. Start from there, the STFU.

25 posted on 03/02/2017 8:39:22 AM PST by MortMan (The white board is a remarkable invention. Chalk one up for creativity!)

To: bryan999

Its not the Democrats that worry me. They have been, and will be squealing at every opportunity. The Republicans worry me. It really angers me how quickly they jump on every appearance of impropriety the Democrats cook up. They didn’t even attack Obama the way they are attacking Trump. But I will feel a little better if they assign Gowdy to investigate. At least I know it won’t go anywhere.

26 posted on 03/02/2017 8:39:35 AM PST by Yogafist

To: bryan999; All

Schumer needs to shut his #ock holster…

27 posted on 03/02/2017 8:40:32 AM PST by areukiddingme1 (areukiddingme1 is a synonym for a Retired U.S. Navy Chief Petty Officer and tired of liberal BS.))

To: bkopto

This targeting of Sessions is a coordinated effort by the DNC and media. They are all crowing this morning about Sessions.

This is nothing more than a coordinated campaign to get Donald Trump’s speech before Congress — which generated enormous (and unexpected) approval from the public — out of the news.

You can be sure that the DNC and the media have a whole pile of fake news stories like this that will be trotted out whenever they feel a need to push a positive Trump story out of the headlines. You can bank on this.

28 posted on 03/02/2017 8:41:16 AM PST by Alberta’s Child (“Yo, bartender — Jobu needs a refill!”)

To: Yogafist

Funny you should mention that:

(Twitter).@SpeakerRyan: “If [Jeff Sessions] is the subject of an investigation, of course he would” recuse himself.

29 posted on 03/02/2017 8:41:35 AM PST by Artcore (Donald J. Trump – 45th President of the United States of America!)

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