The New York Times Publishes a Bizarre Story About Neil Gorsuch

The New York Times Publishes a Bizarre Story About Neil Gorsuch

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The New York Times Publishes a Bizarre Story About Neil Gorsuch
National Review ^ | March 15, 2017 2:37 PM | DAVID FRENCH

Posted on 03/16/2017 9:32:26 PM PDT by TBP

The New York Times headline is enticing and perhaps even a little bit ominous — “Neil Gorsuch Has Web of Ties to Secretive Billionaire.” It conjures up images of backroom deals, favor-trading, and shadowy, rich figures manipulating the law from oak-paneled rooms. Is the esteemed Judge Gorsuch a mere puppet? Who’s the puppeteer?

Well, it turns out that it’s Philip Anschutz, a billionaire so “secretive” that he owns the Weekly Standard and Washington Examiner. He’s so reclusive that he made possible such quiet little films as the Chronicles of Narnia series, Holes, and Charlotte’s Web (is that the “web” that ensnared Gorsuch?). He owns stakes in small-time sports teams like, umm, the Los Angeles Lakers and in cozy little venues like the Staples Center. My last posting in the Army Reserve was right next to the sprawling Anschutz Medical Campus, a place his family funded with a miserly $91 million gift. So, yeah, nobody knows the guy.

Why is he “secretive” then? Well, unlike some rich men, he doesn’t seem to seek out press coverage. Like most Americans, he values his privacy. His work is public. His private life is private.

As for the “web of ties,” it turns out that Gorsuch used to represent Anschutz, his executives, and his business. In other words, Gorsuch is Anschutz’s former lawyer. Apparently, Gorsuch did such fine work for Anschutz that Anschutz recommended him for the federal bench. Oh, and Gorsuch also befriended executives at Anschutz’s companies — to such an extent that they went in together on a vacation house.

Gorsuch, by the way, disclosed his ties to Anschutz and recused himself from cases involving his former clients, as ethical judges do.

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Desperate to get Gorsuch at all costs, the New York Times gets caught faking it again.

1 posted on 03/16/2017 9:32:26 PM PDT by TBP


The New York Times has ties to an elusive billionaire named Carlos Slim.


Is that the same NYT whose largest shareholder is now the Mexican ultra-rich guy?

That NYT?

3 posted on 03/16/2017 9:34:12 PM PDT by cba123 ( Toi la nguoi My. Toi bay gio o Viet Nam.)


4 posted on 03/16/2017 9:34:51 PM PDT by Fiddlstix (Warning! This Is A Subliminal Tagline! Read it at your own risk!(Presented by TagLines R US))

To: Fiddlstix

“Anything that appears in the new York Times should be treated as presumptively false.” — William F. Buckley Jr.

5 posted on 03/16/2017 9:38:23 PM PDT by TBP (0bama lies, Granny dies.)

Innuendo, fallacies, and deceit… it’s what the MSM peddles.

6 posted on 03/16/2017 9:56:43 PM PDT by Gene Eric (Don’t be a statist!)


Anschutz is one of my heroes…

7 posted on 03/16/2017 10:13:36 PM PDT by Vendome (I’ve Gotta Be Me –

To: Fiddlstix

Nytimes fiction

8 posted on 03/16/2017 10:39:06 PM PDT by ptsal


Secretive? I think not.

Anschutz has been well-known since at least 1996 as co-owner of the LA Kings, when they were trading away Wayne Gretzky and most of their other good players.

9 posted on 03/16/2017 11:43:43 PM PDT by rfp1234 (DinosorosExtinction)

To: Attention Surplus Disorder

Innuendo is not honest news reporting, it is not even very good editorialization. Expressing an opinion without really assigning a source or basis for that opinion (”I don’t know why, but I just don’t like him”) is just an attempt to poison the dialogue, or shut it down completely.

Neil Gorsuch is of a genuinely sterling character, and the NYT is FORCED to try to invent something.

Or the NYT could just go honest for once.

10 posted on 03/17/2017 12:01:15 AM PDT by alloysteel (John Galt has chosen to take the job. This time, Atlas did NOT shrug.)

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