Unacceptable Police Procedure- the Deadly Game of Simon Says

Unacceptable Police Procedure- the Deadly Game of Simon Says

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Unacceptable Police Procedure- the Deadly Game of Simon Says
Slow Facts ^ | 11 January, 2018 | Rob Morse

Posted on 01/13/2018 4:48:30 AM PST by marktwain

Innocent civilians are at risk from the police. We’ve had egregious examples in recent months. This is how we can fix these broken police policies, and this is why it’s urgent.

-The police receive a report of a crime in progress. The report is a lie. The person on the phone with the police has made about 20 false reports. The police arrive at your home. It is the middle of the night and you hear yelling from outside. You walk outside to see what is going on. Voices from the darkness say they are the police. Multiple police officers give commands. The police are approximately 35 yards from you. You can’t see them or the police cars. All you see are bright lights and you hear voices. One policeman loses sight of one of your hands. Since you might be going for a weapon, you’re shot dead by police. This happened in Kansas.

-You hear a knock at the door in the middle of the night. You aren’t expecting anyone. You are a law abiding gun owner without a criminal record. You walk to the door armed. That is what self-defense experts, and even some police officers, suggest you do in this situation. A policeman sees you through the sidelights. He is outside your home and you are inside. The policeman sees your gun and shoots you dead. You never made it to the door. This happened in Florida.

These and similar incidents illustrate a dangerous pattern. The police treat possible threats as lethal threats. They then kill unarmed and innocent civilians without warning. The murder is often preceded by a lethal game of simon-says where the police issue commands until the innocent civilian makes a mistake and is killed. In several fatal examples, there were no actual threats

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There are multiple examples where the police issue contradictory commands at the same time, which can easily get a person killed.

Don’t Move!

Get out of the car!

Drop the Gun! (when it is holstered)

Hands Up!

Open the Door!

The person the police are pointing guns at can chose to follow one command, and be shot by one of the officer issuing a contradictory command.

1 posted on 01/13/2018 4:48:30 AM PST by marktwain

To: marktwain

Well just realize the new breed of cops who are too anxious to shoot somebody. They’re experts at justifying, their commanders are experts on befuddling the narratives and the courts are just too easy on occupational immunity.

How long will it be till we start seeing a rash of fake cop invasions, like when real terrorism comes to the U.S. When muslims stake out their territory and put up makeshift road blocks, create very hostile no-go zones for police and then demand autonomy.

Watch the events in Europe. That’s how we’ll go if we globalize on European/Islam terms. If we do go globalization I hope we’re the ones doing the globalization.

2 posted on 01/13/2018 4:58:45 AM PST by Fhios

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