Vanity: Jackson, MS Elects Marxist / Black Separatist as its Mayor

Vanity: Jackson, MS Elects Marxist / Black Separatist as its Mayor

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Vanity: Jackson, MS Elects Marxist / Black Separatist as its Mayor

Posted on 05/02/2017 8:43:28 PM PDT by TigerClaws

Election Results link:

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To: TigerClaws

To: TigerClaws

To: TigerClaws

At least give a name

To: TigerClaws

WTH are people thinking?

5 posted on 05/02/2017 8:52:12 PM PDT by laplata (Liberals/Progressives.have diseased minds.)

To: TigerClaws

In a couple of years, if not sooner, the idiots who voted this guy in will be complaining that “Whitey” drove their city into the ground.

6 posted on 05/02/2017 8:52:53 PM PDT by Oatka

To: TigerClaws

Obama got another job?

7 posted on 05/02/2017 8:54:08 PM PDT by SaveFerris (Hebrews 13:2 Do not forget to entertain strangers, for … some have unwittingly entertained angels)

To: TigerClaws

Cities are usually blue; I guess Jackson, MS. is no exception. That trend needs to be watched carefully.

To: TigerClaws; wardaddy; Impy; Clintonfatigued; Galactic Overlord-In-Chief

Lumumba Senior won the Jackson Mayoral office back in 2013 but dropped dead in 2014, less than a year into office. A “moderate” Black Dem, Tony Yarber, won the special to succeed him (beating Junior), but this was a rematch of the special and Yarber lost.

To: BeadCounter

Commie Red.

To: BeadCounter

I hope Faith Hill moves back there…she deserves it….

11 posted on 05/02/2017 8:55:51 PM PDT by cherry

To: TexasGator

Chokwe Antar Lumumba. Son of dead ex-Mayor Chokwe Lumumba, Sr., formerly Edwin Finley Taliaferro of Detroit.

To: TigerClaws

Malcolm X has been dead for over 52 years, so just HOW was he going to be at that meeting ?

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