What We We Liberals Believe (vanity)

What We We Liberals Believe (vanity)

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What We We Liberals Believe (vanity)
2/1/2017 | By Laz A. Mataz

Posted on 02/01/2017 8:14:50 PM PST by Lazamataz

“We liberals, we believe in free speech…. unless you say things that we disagree with. Then we burn Berkley down.”

“We liberals, we want guns banned…. So no one can defend themselves against the rocks and batons and fires that we set.”

“We liberals, we believe believe in a woman’s right to choose…. Unless that woman chooses to support Donald Trump.”

“We liberals, we believe in love…. We love to commit violence and arson.”

“We liberals, we believe in protecting the environment…. that’s why we set fires that spew toxic chemicals into our community.”

For all their lunacy, I do give the Pussy Rioters credit. There was not a lick of violence, not one arrest. There are elements in the liberal left that are bad actors. I suggest they are funded and/or organized by none other than George Soros and his allies. The bad actors choose these events, but the responsibility for violence is those of the actors, and only theirs. I don’t care if Pol Pot shows up to speak. Protests *can* occur peacefully. We on the right didn’t sent the Bikers for Trump against the Pussy Marchers, even when Madonna called for bombing the White House.

There’s an old saying. When the inner cities riot, the ordinary folk riot like THEY always do: They move to the suburbs and vote Republican.

The anarchists (among the liberals) just caused another riot among ordinary folk.

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Sorry for the vanity, folks, but this is my reaction to today’s Berzerkly riots.

1 posted on 02/01/2017 8:14:50 PM PST by Lazamataz

To: Lazamataz

We We?

Wee Wee?


To: Lazamataz

the proper response is to burn something down

Resist We Much

3 posted on 02/01/2017 8:21:40 PM PST by Pelham (liberate Occupied California)

To: Lazamataz

I’m expecting the Libs in ‘The Swamp’ to start doing the same thing, burning down the National Capitol Building, The Washington Monument and those places…they are crazy enough to do it…

They have set the example of what our young people are seeing and this is what they are being taught to do, so coming soon the ‘burning of Washington D.C.’ brought to you by the Libs in the House and Senate…

4 posted on 02/01/2017 8:25:27 PM PST by HarleyLady27 (‘THE FORCE AWAKENS!!!’ Trump/Pence: MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!!!)

To: Lazamataz

5 posted on 02/01/2017 8:26:56 PM PST by GraceG (Only a fool works hard in an environment where hard work is not appreciated…)

To: Lazamataz

Christian Street Evangelists Met With Anger, Spat on at Women’s March on Washington ‎1‎/‎26‎/‎2017‎ ‎10‎:‎42‎:‎15‎ ‎PM · by Morgana · 19 replies christian post ^ | January 22, 2017 | Samuel Smith , CP Reporter

6 posted on 02/01/2017 8:30:41 PM PST by piasa

To: ButThreeLeftsDo

Screwed up the title, but yeah, it works.

The left is all We-We’d up. 🙂

7 posted on 02/01/2017 8:32:12 PM PST by Lazamataz (I hereby coin a new Internet acronym: NTOWY — Not Tired Of Winning Yet.)

To: Lazamataz

Rioting at Berkeley is a leftist right of passage. You could call it a training camp for violent leftists and anarchist to learn the trade rioting.

8 posted on 02/01/2017 8:32:38 PM PST by TADSLOS (Reset Underway!)

To: Lazamataz

Burn Berkeley burn, Commie inferno.

9 posted on 02/01/2017 8:34:26 PM PST by MUDDOG

To: Lazamataz

For all their lunacy, I do give the Pussy Rioters credit…

However,this vulgar group believe they are mainstream. So does BLM and every other lunatic liberal movement.

10 posted on 02/01/2017 8:34:30 PM PST by Sasparilla ( I’m Not tired of Winning)

To: Lazamataz



11 posted on 02/01/2017 8:35:21 PM PST by Osage Orange (We can all live together as brothers or perish together as fools)

To: Lazamataz

Why do so many people believe this crap? Why are there so many in our country?

12 posted on 02/01/2017 8:36:33 PM PST by umgud

To: Osage Orange

Wee Wee’d up fascists.

13 posted on 02/01/2017 8:37:51 PM PST by right way right (May we remain sober over mere men, for God really is our one and only true hope.)

To: Lazamataz

Oui, Oui!!

To: Lazamataz

if DJT can really shut down the SorosNazi and BF’s funding machine for the IslamoNazi/Communist Left,

American politics might get back to a more sane, reasonable and productive status

15 posted on 02/01/2017 8:40:22 PM PST by faithhopecharity (“Politicans are not born, they’re excreted.” — Marcus Tillius Cicero)

To: Lazamataz

They also believe in gun bans for the people, but the Feds can buy billions of hollow point rounds, and SWAT teams for department of education, and EPA.

Also, celebrities and politicians can have their own security details.

The oxymoronic protestors are anarchists for tyranny.

16 posted on 02/01/2017 8:45:13 PM PST by grumpygresh (When will Soros be brought to justice? Crush the vermin, crush the Left.)

To: grumpygresh

They also believe in gun bans for the people, but the Feds can buy billions of hollow point rounds, and SWAT teams for department of education, and EPA.

Well, now that we have control of those, watch with great amusement as they 180 on that.

17 posted on 02/01/2017 8:47:13 PM PST by Lazamataz (I hereby coin a new Internet acronym: NTOWY — Not Tired Of Winning Yet.)

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