Woo hoo!! And our 1st quarter FReepathon is well underway!! [Thread XIV]

Woo hoo!! And our 1st quarter FReepathon is well underway!! [Thread XIV]

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Woo hoo!! And our 1st quarter FReepathon is well underway!! [Thread XIV]
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Posted on 01/14/2018 8:07:53 AM PST by Jim Robinson

Woo hoo!! Our 1st qtr FReepathon is off to a great start!!

IMHO, 2017 was a great year and, Lord willing, 2018 should be even greater!!

Build the wall, enforce the law, deport them all!! End sanctuary cities!! End anchor babies!! Continue cutting regulations, cutting government, cutting spending and cutting taxes!! Continue bringing back capital, manufacturing, jobs and the economy!! Continue appointing constitutional conservative judges and restoring the constitution and our religious freedom!! Continue rebuilding and strengthening our military!!

Prepare for a great election in November, sweeping in even more conservatives to the congress so we can accomplish all of the above, plus finally and fully repeal Obamacare!!

Lay the groundwork for reelecting Trump in 2020 so that he can continue his conservative agenda, including appointing a constitutionally conservative majority to the SCOTUS so we can finally start rolling back the Marxist/socialist excesses and restore constitutionally limited government and all of our freedoms!!

Drain the swamp, baby, and Make America Great Again!!

Prayers up for continuing progress and success.

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And we’re going to need FR now more than ever to combat the current crop of Marxists and progressives who have infested our government and public institutions and who are dead set on destroying the final remnants of our cherished constitution and our precious God-given liberty!!

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Make it a Monthly if you can. We have some very generous FReeper sponsors kicking in an extra ten bucks for every New Monthly signed up.

Or send in a hundred dollars or more per quarter and join I_be_tc’s growing list of 300 Club patriots. I_be_tc sends in $100 per quarter and challenges 300 others to do the same. If we could get 300 FReepers to send in $100 per quarter, these FReepathons would complete much faster. And we have received 40 donations of $100 or more so far this quarter!!

Thank you all very much!!

God bless.

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