‘Family Guy’ Claims Mickey Mouse Hates Jews

Using a storyline found in other episodes, Fox’s Family Guy again claimed Walt Disney hated Jewish people. This time Mickey Mouse is used to do Seth MacFarlane’s dirty work in the October 15th episode titled “Nanny Goats.”

In this episode Lois’ parents agree to pay for a nanny to help out with the children. It turns out that Natalia, from Belarus, is on a mission to kill a mouse named Fievel Mousekewitz. This is a direct parody of Disney’s An American Tail’s Fievel character. The mouse is blown up by a character that is drawn as Mickey Mouse. After this happens, Peter comes on to explain that under parody law, in order for unlicensed use a Disney character, a commentary had to be used. “The commentary here is that Mickey Mouse hates Jews.”

Stewie: Okay, Natalia, level with me. Why are you really here?

Natalia: I have been sent to neutralize liberal Jewish dissident, Fievel Mousekewitz.

Stewie: Oh. Well, the only mouse in this neighborhood is our innocent neighbor, Frank Maxwell.

Natalia: Comrade Mousekewitz! Did you think you could run forever?

Frank Maxwell: I, uh, I think you’ve got the wrong mouse. I’m just regular old Frank Maxwell, and I’m very late for work. Good day, ma’am.

Stewie: Whoa! You killed him?

Natalia: That was not me. Someone else got to him first.

Mickey Mouse: Tough break, Jew mouse. Ha-ha!

Peter: Hi. I’m Peter Griffin. Under parody law, in order to use someone else’s character in an unlicensed fashion, we have to provide something called “Commentary.” The commentary here is that Mickey Mouse hates Jews. Now, let’s see what else this new nanny has up her sleeve.

This seems to be an obsession of Seth MacFarlane’s. The re-writing of history to diminish the legacy of Disney founder, Walt Disney, continues through bits like this. This claim has been disproved yet MacFarlane incorporates it here with a beloved childhood character. How sad.

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