Hollyweird Wants Kaepernick, Creator of ‘Blackest Moment,’ for Role in Movie

Colin Kaepernick is finally a “wanted man” — though not by the NFL. Hollyweird is calling for the man who provided the “blackest sports moment of 2017.” A TMZ report claims he “has been out of a job for nearly a year, but his resume still looks appealing … to Hollywood!” Simultaneously The Undefeated blog also cites Kaepernick for that blackest of moments.

First, the Hollyweird news by TMZ:

A well-known casting director posted on a message board for managers and agents last week, asking for someone representing the former NFL quarterback to contact her.

The casting director is currently working on a TV pilot and — more notably — the Pepsi commercial-inspired movie “Uncle Drew” starring Kyrie Irving, Lil Rel Howery, Nick Kroll and sports legends like Shaq, Reggie Miller, Chris Webber and Lisa Leslie.

Kaepernick is only being considered for a cameo role and it’s not clear yet if he’ll be standing, seated or kneeling for his part. Either way, the producers may want to re-think his inclusion in the movie or he could potentially drag down its intended comedic appeal. Nevertheless, TMZ proclaims it “seems like a good fit” and adds:

It’s no surprise the ex-NFL star’s a hot Hollywood commodity despite not playing this season — he’s still been in the limelight as an activist, philanthropist, and President Trump talking point.

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Do you suppose that if Tim Tebow was being considered for an acting role in Hollyweird, media on the Left would not be screeching he has no acting experience? And that he’s out of touch with Hollyweird’s hedonistic values?

Kaepernick can skate on the experience thing. After all, he’s the man responsible for the blackest moment this year, which, in Hollyweird’s view, wipes away any and all sins and need for something so silly as actual acting experience.

Clinton Yates, senior writer for The Undefeated, ESPN’s black-themed blog, counted down the year’s 25 blackest moments “bad boy college football style.” “If you don’t understand why these moments are important you might need more black friends,” adds Yates, whose forgettable list concludes with Kaepernick at No. 1.:

There was no responsible way around saying that Colin Kaepernick’s had the blackest year in sports. His actions regarding the national anthem in football have set off a flurry of activity so huge that every person in America has an opinion about his actions. On that strength alone, you’d have to say his protest was effective. I don’t care about the interior chalk talk of whether or not police are actually less racist. That’s not Kap’s job to fix.

Demonstrations. Jerry Jones nearly losing his mind. The president going completely haywire at a speaking event. Hockey players, 8-year-olds, cheerleaders, high schoolers, basketball players and, yo, German soccer players all found their way to make a statement.

What statement was that? Not to vote? To disrespect the veterans who risked — or lost — their lives defending liberty? To disrespect the police officers who never know if they’ll come under attack on their next traffic stop? Of course, none of these troubling issues are on the radar in the parallel universe of the liberal media. It looks entirely out of the question that he’ll play football again the season, and now the new hope is that he’ll get a movie gig.


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