Univision All-In for California’s ‘Sanctuary State’ Bill

Univision’s advocacy for open-borders policy has hit a new low, in its totally one-sided coverage of California’s sanctuary state bill, deceptively named the “California Values Act”, now working its way through the state legislature.

Correspondent Jaime García opened his report with what has become the network’s customary sweeping malignment of the Trump administration as being dedicated to “the persecution and deportation of immigrants” (in other words, upholding the law of the land is “persecution” and they would have you believe all immigrants – not just those unlawfully present in the country – are in the feds’ sights).

JAIME GARCIA, CORRESPONDENT, UNIVISION: They’re already calling it the California antidote to the climate of fear imposed by the persecution and deportation of immigrants, begun by the government of President Donald Trump.

From there, the rest of the report’s one-sidedness is also breathtaking, even by Univision standards. The just shy of two-minute long story contains nearly a full minute’s worth (58 seconds) of six successive pro-sanctuary state soundbites: two each from Senate Majority Kevin de León, Jorge Cabrera of the Coalition for Humane Immigrant Rights (CHIRLA) and Chris Newman of the National Day Laborer Organizing Network.

Not a single voice or perspective in opposition to the bill was included. Instead, the correspondent chose to simply voice over his own briefest (exactly six-second) summary of the opposition to California’s sanctuary state act while showing close-up footage of incarcerated shirtless gangbangers, in case Univision’s viewers didn’t get the hint.

The network’s efforts to sugarcoat the bill as immigrant protection are betrayed by the images on the computer of the legal director of the day laborer advocacy group, which show a strike line going through the word “polimigra” -a mash-up of the words “policía” (police) and “migra” (immigration)-, and an “ICE out of California” graphic in support of the bill. And it is then that we see the true face of the continued naked advocacy for bills such as these – which bar state law enforcement agencies from working with federal agencies on immigration matters. 

In addition to failing to include any anti-sanctuary views, Univision also neglected to tell its viewers of the potential effect that the loss of hundreds of millions in federal dollars would have on California, as the result of sanctuary policy applied statewide.

If Univision is to be believed, then “California Values” are now to include official state sanction for lawlessness.   

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Here is a full transcript of the report as it aired on Noticiero Univision, Tuesday, March 14, 2017.

MARIA ELENA SALINAS, UNIVISION ANCHOR: California is en route to becoming the first sanctuary state for undocumenteds in the country. A proposal passed a Senate committee and will now go before the full upper chamber. If approved, state and local agencies would be barred from collaborating with federal immigration agents from persecuting or detaining immigrants solely because they are undocumented. Jaime García has the report.

JAIME GARCIA, CORRESPONDENT, UNIVISION: They’re already calling it the California antidote to the climate of fear imposed by the persecution and deportation of immigrants, begun by the government of President Donald Trump.

JORGE CABRERA, CHIRLA SPOKESMAN: There is no doubt that this is California’s direct response to the attack against immigrant families throughout the country. The legislation is even called the “California Values Act”.

GARCIA: Written by state Senate President Kevin De Leon (D-Los Angeles), the law seeks to stop the criminalization of immigrants, (by) establishing complete separation between California municipal law enforcement agencies and ICE.

KEVIN DE LEON, CALIFORNIA SENATE PRESIDENT PRO TEMPORE: We don’t want our local law enforcement to become an arm, an extension of federal law enforcement.

GARCIA: But (the bill’s) critics say that this law would turn California into a sanctuary state that would protect criminals.

DE LEON: Let me emplasize- no one wants a violent criminal, a violent gangbanger (to enter) into this great country. No one, including immigrants that are ultimately victimized by these criminals. 

CHRIS NEWMAN, LEGAL DIRECTOR, NATIONAL DAY LABORER ORGANIZING NETWORK: “Sanctuary” is a phrase that people use but that has no definition.

GARCIA: Those who support it (SB-54, the “California Values Act”) clarify that judicial authorities would continue to collaborate with the FBI.

NEWMAN: The FBI will continue to do its thing, its role. But it would not be mingled woth immigration.

GARCIA: SB-54 now goes before the full Senate, and from there, to the State Assembly.

CABRERA: Tomorrow (3/16), our community will be going to Sacramento in order to tell legislators their stories, and convince them that this type of proposal is good for immigrant families and for the state.

GARCIA: In Los Angeles, Jamie García, Univision.


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