Web Bot Data Sets Predict: ‘Chaos Period And Disruptions Throughout 2017… Secret Hyperinflation Creeping Out’

There are billions upon billions of data points being created on the internet on a daily basis. Clif High of Half Past Human has developed a “web bot” program designed to find, aggregate and assess them.

In his latest report, High’s predictive linguistics data sets appear to be showing the real possibility of serious financial calamity starting over the course of the next few weeks and worsening into the the end of the year.

According to a video update from SGT Report, the coming economic shock wave could soon lead to a hyperinflationary environment that would see assets like gold, silver, and bitcoin soar to new highs.

As modelspace is moved forward in 2017, and during the chaos period of March through May, the data accrues for ‘bitcoin’ to become more ‘costly than gold’. As this transition takes place, the data sets have it being a temporal market for many other sets including ‘silver’…

These sets have a strange occurrence developing as ‘nations’, and ‘central banks’ begin to ‘buy bitcoin’. These sets are providing the ‘propellant’ for the ‘rush’ through 1448 in US dollars on its way to $2300.

These new data sets have the ‘chaos’ period of these next few months as being ‘pivotal’ for both ‘bitcoin’ and ‘silver’.

These sets are arguing for the ‘secret hyperinflation’ to be ‘creeping out’. As a temporal marker, these set are going to the idea that ‘silver’ will be the ‘shining light’ as the move into hyperinflation shows in the ‘public consciousness’. These sets have silver rising faster in ‘US dollars’ than either ‘gold’ or ‘bitcoin’. This is merely speaking to the ‘rate of increase’, and not its price during the rise. (Half Past Human ALTA Report – March 2017)

Last week, Clif High joined Future Money Trends to discuss the specifics of his latest data sets, again noting that physical assets like gold and silver, as well as mining and resource companies, stand to benefit greatly from numerous trends that include not just a new economic crisis, but advancing exploration at the far reaches of the globe, including Antarctica.

I have some indications of a geographic resurgence in mining…

Insofar as prices relative to the U.S. dollar, we’re going to go through a period of disruption here from March through May, and then a slight hiatus, and then another period that’s going to be even worse from the end of July to the end of the year.

During that period of time I expect things like stocks especially to be very hammered by what Bill Holter calls ‘truth bombs’…

The time to prepare for the worst is now. If Clif High’s data set predictions are accurate – and given recent developments in finance, geo-politics and domestic tensions they appear to be right on target – then 2017 could turn out to be one that will go down in the history books.

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