Andrea Tantaros accuses Fox News personality of SMEARING her via tweet!

So this is a crazy story. Apparently Andrea Tantaros is accusing Fox News people of lying about her on Twitter in order to please the network so that they can get more appearances. Wow.

Watch below:

From the Daily News:

A fired Fox News host charges two of her ex-colleagues conspired to smear her reputation by spreading a nasty internet story as payback for a threatened lawsuit.

Andrea Tantaros, who is already suing Fox News and its fired boss Roger Ailes, charged Thursday in her Manhattan Supreme Court complaint that a Fox executive prompted a company employee to send a bogus tweet last week.

“Remember that time Bill O’Reilly kicked me off a weekly spot on his show after Andrea Tantaros physically attacked me and threatened me?” read political commentator Nomiki Konst’s Twitter post. “I do!”

The message was sent to her 59,000 followers barely an hour after Tantaros’ lawyer revealed plans to sue a firm using phony online accounts to smear her with “a disgraceful social media campaign for Fox News,” according to court papers.

Her tweet is still up:

Pretty crazy accusations on both sides!

The complaint identified the defendants as Konst and Irena Briganti, head of the Fox News media relations department.

“The timing of the Konst tweet … is highly suspicious,” said the complaint. “Konst has a strong motive to do Briganti’s bidding because Konst desperately wants to appear regularly on Fox News.”

Briganti denied any role in the tweet.

I’m hearing some nutty rumors about this and other stuff at Fox News that might get spilled as the rumor mill continues spinning…

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