Ann Frank Center director BLOWS UP at Kayleigh McEnany over Trump anti-Semitism accusations

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Anne Frank Center Steven Goldstein did not think that “trotting out” Ivanka Trump, who is Jewish, was a sufficient argument against his belief that Trump is anti-Semitic.

He absolutely exploded at Trumper Kayleigh McEnany for repeatedly throwing Ivanka in his face.

Watch the entertaining screaming below:

I really think this debate is dead. Trump made some really stupid mistakes, like cutting the Jews out of his Holocaust statement, and waiting forever before condemning anti-Semitism, but I just don’t see that his policies encourage anti-Semitism at all. If there is a rise in these kinds of attacks, I’m not sure that Trump can do anything about it except encourage law enforcement to find these scumbags and shut them down. Is there any reason to think he’s doing otherwise?

To be fair to Goldstein however, McEnany is annoying and bad at debate.

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