Ben Sasse challenges Trump over his threat to revoke media licenses…

As you all know last night Trump doubled down on this threat to try and shut down media companies:

Later last night Ben Sasse had this response to Trump’s threat:

Despite the fact that these MSM companies don’t have licenses like their affiliates do, I think it’s a good question and one that Trump should answer.

As both Sooper and I argued yesterday, shutting down media companies isn’t the way to fight bad reporting. That’s what authoritarians do in countries like Turkey and they do it to silence their critics.

Aside from his threatening tweets, Trump actually handled the ‘fake news’ rather well yesterday, disputing it on Twitter and getting his Secretary of Defense to corroborate his side of the story by releasing a strong statement against the story.

In fact he’s still tweeting about it today.

Trump has a big Twitter account with tens of millions of followers. He should stick to putting out the truth and stay away from threats to bully and intimidate the media.

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