BRUTAL VIDEO: What politicians SAY about Planned Parenthood vs what pregnant women HEAR from Planned Parenthood

Live Action has released a video showing how politicians try and sell Planned Parenthood to the public vs what women actually hear from the group when they call.

It’s brutal:

Oh I’m sure Live Action is just showing us the ones that don’t do prenatal care right? WRONG.

They put in the video that 97 PP locations were investigated and a whopping 92 of them did not offer any prenatal care. That’s 95% of locations that offered no prenatal care – virtually none of them do it!

Here’s the fact sheet they put at the end that shows this and other things:

Wait no mammograms? But Democrats keep telling us they do mammograms!

What they heck, just for old times sake…

So virtually no prenatal care and absolutely no mammograms, but definitely a lot of abortions.

So why are they still getting federal funding?

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