Damned if we do, damned if we don’t…

Being a conservative blogger was much easier when Obama was president.

Nowadays we have Trump as president and the Republican Party is basically split, which means that as a conservative blogger I’m in a no-win situation almost every day.

For example, if I praise Trump for something or give him the benefit of the doubt, there are several Trump haters who immediately start yelling at me (or about me) in the comments or in my email. It’s like they only want angry posts about Trump and that’s it. (I’m not naming them because that’s not the point).

But the reverse is also true.

Take for instance this email I just received this morning. (Again I’m not revealing who sent it because that’s not the point):

With friends like you and Mark Levine and others, who needs the democrats and media to put down our President at every opportunity. There is enough of a pile on going on without conservative media adding to the pile. President Trump is all we have and maybe supporting him instead of being another source of negativity would be good.

I understand that Trump isn’t as conservative as some of you would like but he is far better than the other option of Hillary as president. And, he actually cares about American and and it’s citizens. You will never find someone who meets all your expectations so embrace what we do have and be positive and supportive of our President. A lot of us that voted for Trump are sick and tired of the people who are supposed to be on our side putting down the President and his plans. Get on board or quit pretending you are on our side.

“Get on board or quit pretending you are on our side.”

This was actually a nice email compared to what I saw during the election, being called all manner of insults almost daily during the primary. And yes, I still get some of those to this day, but they have slowed down.

But my point is this: I can’t win. Either way I’m going to get yelled at by someone for any stance I take on Trump.

Which is honestly I why I don’t try to win with people, I just post what I think and let bigons be bigons. That’s how THERIGHTSCOOP started back in 2009. I posted what was interesting to me and that eventually drew a crowd and you are still here today.

I don’t write this to bash either population or my audience. I am so thankful that so many of you come and and read and comment, no matter whether you disagree with me or not.

I just wanted to share this with you so you’d see what bloggers and pundits are up against in the age of Trump.

This post originally appeared on The Right Scoop


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