Dennis Kucinich says Trump is ‘helping ISIS’ and helping ‘people who brought along 9/11’

Dennis Kucinich makes the argument that there’s not enough evidence to show that Assad launched the chemical attack on civilians that he’s accused of.

Watch below:

I’m not sure I’m persuaded much – when pressed on his position, he starts yelling that the U.S. is fighting on the side of ISIS, and that we’re helping Saudi Arabia so we’re helping “the people that brought about 9/11.” If you want to argue a position to actually persuade people, it doesn’t help to start screaming about the worst case scenario. Make your case.

What he’s talking about is the pretty much incontrovertible fact that somebody in the Saudi family did in fact assist the hijackers in the 9/11 attack. But, people act as if the entire Saudi family and government was complicit – there’s no evidence of that. On the other hand, there’s not an investigation disproving it. I think that’s a fair reading of what’s out there.

Now back to Assad – you’d have to say that the U.S. military is lying, our intelligence services are lying, and trust in Vladimir Putin, who just went on a rash of assassinating political dissidents in Russia, and a guy who is accused of war crimes…

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