Did Trump tell people to watch Judge Jeanine demand Paul Ryan to step down?

So a lot of people were wondering if Trump had done a passive aggressive swipe at Speaker Ryan yesterday. Here’s why – he posted this tweet:

And people were wondering what that meant – was he going to appear? Well, as it turned out, her opening statement was a long screechy rant demanding Paul Ryan step down from the speakership.

Yeah, so did Trump really act like a wuss and send Jeanine to do his dirty work? It would be pretty absurd if he did, given that he’s the most powerful man on Earth right now.

Jeanine didn’t appreciate the insinuation:

Dang girl, calm down!!

I mean, what irony would that have been for Jeanine to call out Benson, while she was doing what Trump was unwilling to do.

BUT, as it turns out, some are saying that he just wanted people to see her reporting on wiretapping news.

Which is odd anyway.

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