English-American Charles Cooke SHUTS DOWN scandal over Sessions’ Anglo-American comment

English-American Charles C.W. Cooke was the perfect Brit to shoot down this idiotic controversy that arose today over a comment Jeff Sessions made about our “Anglo-American” legal tradition.

Here’s the tweet he references:

Liberals were freaking out all over just because he said the phrase, “Anglo-American.”

Cooke, as a Brit who is becoming an American citizen, shot that idiocy down right quick.

I’ve been saying we’re too dumb to survive for a while now, but really, it’s just a small minority that’s too dumb to survive – they’re just very loud liberals.

He retweeted this:

That’s a perfect way of putting it – so many controversies, on both sides, are “ginned up by a toxic combination of the terminally ignorant and the politically cynical.”

As an aside, his podcast is one of my favorites. Aside from my own of course.

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