Ex-staffer speaks out on ABUSIVE behavior by Conyers – [VIDEO]

Ex-staffer, Melanie Sloan, who worked on the House Judiciary committee spoke with Fox News today about the abusive behavior by Conyers and why she ultimately quit her job in DC:

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One of her allegations is that Conyers called her to his office, but when she arrived he was walking around in his underwear.

She said Conyers pulled her out of a domestic violence meeting to scream at her for not wearing stockings on a day when it was near 100 degrees in Washington.

He also pulled her off of a hearing that she put together in NYC and made her babysit his young child that he brought to the hearing.

But the reason she quit her job was that after she tried to report Conyers for these abuses to multiple people, including her supervisor, she was called ‘mentally unstable’ by a staffer in Conyers’ office when a reporter that she contacted asked about the allegations. The reporter then refused to pursue it any further and she just decided to leave her job.

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