First Lady Melania read The Lord’s Prayer to start Trump’s Florida rally

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So the First Lady of the nation, yes yes, read the Lord’s Prayer to kick off Trump’s Florida rally. It was a nice touch.

Watch below:

A couple of things. There are a lot of “Blacks for Trump” signs in the background. Do you remember when Trump mocked Hillary for not controlling who was in the camera shot at one of her rallies? It turned out to be the dad of the Orlando mass murderer. Also, and I’m not saying this is a big thing but… I could recite the Lord’s Prayer in my sleep, because I’ve prayed it so many times. Melania read it from notes. No biggie, just sayin’. Afterward, Trump acted surprised that she had done this, as if it wasn’t planned that way. I’m not sure I believe him, because, again, notes. Oh well.

It was a nice touch. And she looked great.

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