‘Have you seen anything more pretentious?!’ – Greg Gutfeld obliterates anti-Trump celebs

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Greg Gutfeld has a pretty good point about the celebrities targeting Presiden-elect Trump’s inauguration for protests in this segment from today’s “the Five.”

Watch below:

Gutfeld has criticized Trump when he needs to but has also slapped down liberals when they’re unfair to him, and in this case, he seems to do both!! He points out that many of the qualities that celebrities and others find distasteful in Trump are those that many would say celebrities exemplify perfectly! But besides that, it’s ridiculous to declare Trump Hitler when half of the things he wants are liberal, and the other half that are conservative are policies the keeps flip flopping on. We have to elect him to see what’s in his platform, basically. Darn it, where have we heard that before?

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This post originally appeared on The Right Scoop


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