Heritage Statement on Jim DeMint Ouster: HE GONE!

Jim DeMint is officially out at Heritage. They released a statement about it today, basically saying he deserved it:

Here’s a few responses to the statement:

Here’s what the NY Times wrote about it over the weekend:

Mr. DeMint’s abrupt ouster, described by people as a “coup” against him, was the result of a larger debate among conservative donors who fund the group. One of its board members is Rebekah Mercer, a reclusive donor who has helped propel the White House chief strategist, Stephen K. Bannon, in his effort to dismantle aspects of the political establishment.

Ms. Mercer was described by people with knowledge of the events as helping drive the effort toward a shake-up. Another person close to the discussions, who asked not to be identified, said that Mr. DeMint was not seen as sufficiently pro-Trump by some members of the board.

A likely candidate to take over, said one person with knowledge of the situation, is Edwin J. Feulner, a former president of Heritage who has worked closely with the Trump administration.

If they are correct, it sounds like they want a more pro-Trump person at Heritage. Figures.

They wrote more and you can read it here…

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