Indianapolis Republican facing 3 felony counts of molesting little children

This is despicable:

WISHTV – Two 10-year-old girls allege a City-County councilman representing a large portion of downtown fondled and inappropriately touched them, court documents show.

After a nearly monthlong investigation of the allegations, a probable cause warrant was issued Thursday for Jeff Miller, a Republican in office since 2012, on three counts of child molesting. Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department, which conducted the investigation, confirmed Friday the councilor was under investigation.

County prosecutors said they were making arrangements with Miller to surrender to authorities. A court set a $10,000 surety bond along with the warrant.

In an interview Oct. 20 with an investigator, one of the girls told her parents about the touching by Miller earlier that week “because they were watching the news about the famous guy that directs Broadway things and how he has been doing things like this. She feels guilty because she hasn’t told her parents about this.”

The other girl told an investigator the news story was about American film producer Harvey Weinstein.

The girls had known Miller for about five years and often visited his Fletcher Place home because they were friends with Miller’s son.

Investigators interviewed Miller Oct. 21, the same day a search warrant was served at his home.

Miller confirmed the girl’s accounts that massages were sometimes given and received by people, including the girls, while they were “all in the room together.” He also told investigators about a collection of massage devices that were kept in the main room of the home.

When the search warrant was executed, IMPD found 15 various massage tools in a basket on the stairs just inside the front door and a backscratcher in Miller’s upstairs bedroom.

Here’s more from RTV6:

The 10-year-old told investigators that she was watching the news with her parents about “the famous guy who directs Broadway things” and how he “had been doing things like this” and she felt guilty because she hadn’t told her parents about it.

The child’s father said they were watching the news about Harvey Weinstein and were using it as a “teachable” moment when their daughter told them what had happened.

The young girl told investigators that she would spend time at Miller’s house on occasion and he would use some of the massagers from his “basket of massagers” to massage the kids. She said Miller would use the massagers on her back and under her shirt and up her leg, sometimes uncomfortably close to her groin.

The child described several occasions when the “uncomfortable touching” occurred.

Several other children interviewed by investigators gave similar stories of Miller’s “massage basket” and how he would massage them on their back and legs while they were playing and watching movies at his home. Most of the children did not feel uncomfortable around Miller or with his touching, but a couple of the girls did say there were times when he got “too close” to certain areas.

According to RTV6, Miller has resigned from the city council today.

Glad they are getting this pedophile off the streets.

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