Islam takes over American streets for bloody Muslim ritual

Muslims celebrated Ashura this year by taking over American streets for their religious holiday that sometimes turns bloody. It commemorates the day of the death of the grandson of Muhammed with self-flagellation and beatings.

According to Creeping Sharia, here are some videos from the U.S., but you’d think it was Saudi Arabia:

This is Queens, New York:

This bloody video is from last year, same location:

Dallas, Texas:

Houston, Texas:

Chicago, Illinois:


About that self-flagellation:

The self-flagellation ritual, known as ‘Tatbir’ in Arabic and ‘Talwar Zani’ and ‘Qama Zani’ in south Asia, is a tradition that originates from southern Lebanon and Karbala, in southern Iraq, where Hussein died.

Self-flagellation is not exclusive to Islam – it has been a prominent part of Catholic theology as well as other religions.

What a quaint… religious… relic.

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