James Corden is being TORCHED online for these Harvey Weinstein jokes

SO I was down with Rose McGowan’s one-woman crusade against Hollywood’s hypocritical sexscapades, but now I think she’s making a turn for the extreme.

Here’s what happened.

James Corden made a bunch of pretty bad jokes about Harvey Weinstein at an awards show:

Now… maybe they weren’t funny enough, but people are ripping into him for even joking about it.

And McGowan is really really angry about it:

But I mean, the jokes are at Weinstein’s expense. Can they not joke at all then? I guess not.

Woah woah. BUY YOUR INDULGENCES OR YOU’RE GOING TO HELL!!! This is beginning to sound like social justice extortion…


I just don’t see the big deal. The point before is that no one was talking about it, everyone was covering it up. You know how you break silence? BY TALKING ABOUT IT. And it’s not like Corden’s jokes were dismissive, they were mocking Weinstein.

Ah well. The outrage always wins on Twitter….

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