John Bolton weighs in on this new N. Korean olive branch and Trump’s nuclear button tweet [VIDEO]

John Bolton explained this morning what he thinks of the new olive branch the N. Koreans are offering to S. Korea over the olympics as well as Trump’s nuclear button tweet.


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Bolton says the N. Koreans are just using an old script to buy time for their nuclear program by playing on the gullibility of S. Koreans and some US politicians with this new olive branch. He believes this new olive branch actually means nothing.

As far as Trump’s nuclear button tweet, Bolton says that taunting the N. Korean leader is irrelevant. He argues that what Trump should be doing instead is moving more military forces into Guam, Japan the Yellow Sea and the East Sea. Why? Because otherwise the potential use of military force won’t be taken seriously until that buildup takes place.

Bolton also believes that a military buildup may be the only thing to help convince China of the need to unite the Korean peninsula. So far, he argues, China has just played their own old script to distract the US and cut off a little oil here and there to N. Korea and then go back to business as usual. Bolton says that until a military threat on N. Korea is made credible, he doesn’t believe China will do anything different.

Which means, he points out, that we are moving very quickly to a binary choice: to live with a nuclear N. Korea or to use military force. Bolton says both of those options are unattractive but if we can’t find another solution, that’s where we are going to be.

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