Journalism FAIL: April Ryan openly advocates LEFTIST ACTIVISM against TRUMP on CNN

April Ryan took her wannabe-journalist show onto CNN today and openly advocated for left-wing activism against the president under the guise of “reporting” what left-wingers are planning.

Watch the idiocy unfold below:

[embedded content]

Ugh. And she still pretends to be a journalist.

I clearly don’t have a problem with criticisms of Trump, but April Ryan is supposed to be objective, she’s not supposed to be spreading the propaganda from leftists to undermine the president.

At the end, she just openly says that everyone has to do what her lefty friend wants people to do in order to protest against Trump.

She’s also the dimwit who screamed, “Mr. President are you a racist?!” at the White House:

[embedded content]

Brilliant question, genius. You know how you can tell political activism and self-promotion from journalism? Stupid questions like “are you a racist” that aren’t actually looking for an answer…

Anyway, y’all have an open thread, have at it!!!

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