JUST IN: Trump admin DROPS opposition to Texas Voter-ID law

Well this is awesome news. Looks like Jeff Sessions is already making a splash by dropping the federal government’s opposition to the voter ID law in Texas:

Here’s more:

NBC DFW – An attorney for a voting rights group says President Donald Trump’s administration has told her that the federal government no longer plans to challenge Texas’ strict voter ID law.

Danielle Lang, of the Washington-based Campaign Legal Center, said Monday that plaintiffs in the case were told by the U.S. Justice Department that it will be filing documents to formally drop its opposition to the Texas law. She called the decision an “extraordinary disappointment.”

The move marks a stark reversal under new Attorney General Jeff Sessions from the Obama White House, which joined a lawsuit against Texas in 2013. The Justice Department didn’t immediately respond to an email seeking comment.

Kudos to Jeff Sessions for doing the right thing here. While it is what we expected, it’s great news nonetheless. Voter ID is a no-brainer and only fools oppose it.

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