Liberal writer that joked about Barron Trump is SUSPENDED from SNL indefinitely

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Saturday Night Live writer Katie Mary Rich started a public furor when she tweeted a joke about Barron – you can see it here. 

But even though she deleted it and privated her account, she has been suspended indefinitely from SNL:

From the New York Times:

She was suspended immediately after her tweet, and her suspension is indefinite, according to someone familiar with the plans at “S.N.L.,” who was not authorized by NBC to comment on personnel matters.

That tweet on Friday, during Mr. Trump’s inauguration ceremony, drew widespread condemnation, and Ms. Rich subsequently deleted the post and deactivated her Twitter account. Her name did not appear in the closing credits of “Saturday Night Live” in its broadcast on Saturday.

SOME people, mostly traitorous liberals who should be hung by their gonads, wondered aloud if we’re holding up our comedians to higher standards of politeness than we hold the LEADER of the FREE WORLD. But they should be taken out to FEMA camps and shot.

By the way… I’m assuming she’s liberal because.. c’mon. I mean seriously, c’mon.

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