Lindsey Graham: The Democrats cleaned our clock in the funding bill – [VIDEO]

Lindsey Graham was on CNN a few moments ago saying that he will not be voting for the funding bill that was just agreed to, pointing out that the Democrats cleaned their clock and he’s not happy about it:

Graham says this bill isn’t winning from a Republican point of view.

His big concern is that the funding bill still funds Obamacare in a way that he says everyone agrees is illegal. He says he doesn’t want to shut the government down but he doesn’t want to continue funding Obamacare either.

Graham says he’s for comprehensive immigration reform, but that Sanctuary cities go completely untouched in this legislation.

He also doesn’t like the way they are putting this CR out there, putting a bunch of bills together and only giving lawmakers a couple days to read it before they have to vote on it.

At the end Graham says he’s a firm no vote, which likely won’t matter because the Democrats will be voting yes for the bill.

So I have just one question: when you can’t convince a RINO like Graham to vote for a funding bill, then what the heck are Republicans really doing here?

Watch the clip for more.

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