McMaster: Trump foreign policy is NOT ideological, but similar to Reagan’s [FULL SPEECH]

H.R. McMaster tried to explain Trump’s defense policy while speaking at the Reagan Library today. He says the theme is to “retrieve America’s strategic confidence.”

Watch below:

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McMaster praises Reagan’s “unshakeable confidence” in America’s principles. Hmm. He also said that Trump’s foreign policy isn’t “rigidly ideological.” Hmmm.

Here’s the post-interview with Bret Baier:

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It really sounds like he awkwardly tried to shoehorn Trump’s foreign policy into Reagan’s for the sake of the event and the audience, but it’s insane for anyone to actually believe that. Reagan never trusted the Russians and always understood that they were a threat, while Trump does the opposite. It’s kinda pathetic that people still try to do this – just give it up and admit that Trumpism is anti-Reaganism already.

Reagan’s foreign policy confidence was in securing freedom around the world and challenging despots and totalitarians. Trump’s “realpolitik” policy is near-isolationism, where he’s literally said he’s going to let Putin handle the Middle East, and withdraw from the world. Maybe that’s popular, maybe that’s what Americans want, but it’s absurd to say that it’s like Reagan’s policies.

Reagan wanted us to be a “shining city on a hill” while Trump wants to literally put a wall around us, and restrict our blessings to ourselves. Again, I’m not saying that’s necessarily a terrible thing or unpopular, but it’s not Reaganism.

McMaster defends Trump’s policies on North Korea, and here I have a lot of sympathy – Trump really was given a crappy hand that other presidents have been punting on for decades.

About the only thing they are aligned on, and against the Democrats, is to keep the military powerful.

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