MEDIA OUTRAGED as Trump BANS press from White House briefing!!

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The media is freeeeaaaking out because Presidente Trumpo has banned the New York Times, CNN, L.A. Times, and Politico from a press gaggle.

The White House Correspondent’s Association is angry:

Some are boycotting the gaggle in response:

Meanwhile, there’s always someone calling it a distraction:

While all the idiot leftists are yelling “Hitler!!!”

NO, he’s not Hitler for keeping some members of the media out of his press gaggle. Is it impolite? Yeah, so what? To call him a dictator for such small insults is severely undercutting the credibility of the media in the eyes of regular human beings who DON’T believe journalists are gods among us who need to be worshipped. And the media keeps being shocked that we don’t.

What I find so hilarious is that the media thinks they’re going to get anything done by boycotting Trump. Oh my, however will get his message out to his MILLIONS of undying zombie followers on Twitter, or Facebook, or anywhere else really, without the press? LOL!! They’re about to discover how meaningless they are…


Here’s Brooke Baldwin’s outrage!!

And CNN responded:

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