Morons on ‘The View’ rip into Mike Pence for understanding human nature

The Mike Pence “outrage” is so stupid it’s amazing that anyone has to explain it, but here we are.

Watch the “debate” between the abject morons on “The View” and the only rational person there, Jedediah Bila, below:

Wise people have known for thousands of years that human beings are frail, and the more temptation you put before them, the more you fail. But wisdom is trampled on by idiots these days, so they have to attack Pence for being a wise person about his marriage.

The attitude of these people is that Mike Pence does this in order to attack them, or to judge them. He does it to protect his marriage – that’s it. But it shows how pathetic liberals are – they know that they’re scumbags who openly cheat on each other, so they have to attack anyone who goes out of their way NOT TO.

Isn’t it amazing how they used to say that gay marriage does nothing to the institution of marriage, so we shouldn’t care about it, but apparently Mike Pence’s marriage is an attack on everything that is holy to liberals…

Thank goodness for Jedediah Bila, the only voice of reason in that otherwise black hole of intelligence.

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