There had been reports that Republicans were trying to get another health care bill written up, and were meeting to do so, but it sounds like their efforts have failed.

From NBC:

The House of Representatives is set to leave town Thursday morning for a two-week break without reaching an agreement on health care. It’s another blow to Republicans and the Trump administration who had worked this week to revive the failed effort to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act, or Obamacare.

…The Trump administration in recent days has led discussions among the disparate groups in an attempt to reach a Republican compromise. But those talks went nowhere when an agreement could not be reached on a few issues and a late-night meeting with Vice President Mike pence and representatives of the relative factions of House Republicans Tuesday failed to move the effort forward.

Wow. That ain’t no good. And it shows just how divided the Republican caucus is. Luckily, Trump was distracted from his attacks on the Freedom Caucus, but will he return to them now that Bannon has been sidelined, ostensibly giving the GOP establishment a greater voice in the administration? We shall see…

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