Now Trump says we need a good “shutdown”

Trump took to Twitter to try and explain why Republicans agreed to such a terrible continuing resolution with the Democrats in Congress:

Trump claims they conceded because the Democrats would have killed what Republicans wanted to pass in the Senate and suggests we need to change the rules o elect more Republican Senators in 2018 to stop this from happening.

And then he a makes a strange statement, that we need a good government shutdown in September to fix the mess. What?

If it’s good enough in September to fix the mess, then why isn’t it good enough now?


Look, I do truly hope Trump has learned his lesson and won’t make this mistake again. Republicans need to be pushed hard not to fold when Democrats threaten a government shutdown because otherwise you end up with this mess.

So hopefully that’s what this is. But it’s still odd that he’s suddenly advocating it now, just days after the abysmal loss to Democrats.

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