Omarosa might have RECORDED White House convos – and she thinks Mueller is AFTER HER…

This is a very weird development. Apparently Omarosa is lawyering up for fear that she’s going to be sought out by Robert Mueller and his crazy witch-hunt for Russian colluders!!

And it’s because she might have been secretly recording White House conversations:

It is not immediately clear why the former “Apprentice” star is seeking legal help, but those with knowledge of her unceremonious removal from the White House say she is “very concerned” that trouble is on the horizon.

The 43-year-old apparently believes she may become a fixture in Mueller’s investigation into possible connections between the Trump campaign and Russia’s election meddling.

“Everyone knows Omarosa loves to record people and meetings using the voice notes app on her iPhone,” a source disclosed. “Don’t be surprised if she has secret audio files on everyone in that White House, past and present staffers included.”

Wow. Could you imagine the Trump administration somehow being undone by files recorded by an “Apprentice” has-been that the president stupidly hired for his staff? Now that is assuming there’s anything that Trump might have said to her that he could be caught for. And that’s a YUGE assumption because even if Trump has anything that could be troubling for his admin, I sincerely doubt he’d admit it to Omarosa…

Still, this would be greatest self-owning since Hillary was undone by Anthony’s Weiner-mongering….

Also, never forget – Omarosa probably [allegedly] murdered her husband Michael Clarke Duncan:

Michael Clarke Duncan’s family has questions about Omarosa Manigault … specifically, whether the late actor’s fiancee unduly influenced him into re-writing his will months before he died and leaving almost everything to her.

Judy Duncan, Michael’s sister, tells TMZ she’s hired a lawyer to investigate the circumstances surrounding the change to the actor’s will in April 2012, making Omarosa the main beneficiary.

Judy believes MCD was not of sound mind when he made the changes … because as early as December 2011, the actor was not himself, slurring words and stumbling around.

Judy says her suspicions about Omarosa intensified when MCD was hospitalized following his heart attack … telling us Omarosa was fixated on MCD’s money when he was on life support.

Another thorn in Judy’s side … Omarosa has already sold a bunch of MCD’s personal effects (watches, cars, his “Green Mile” director’s chair, awards, etc.). Judy says Omarosa sold the stuff without the family’s knowledge … and she’s pissed.


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