Pathetic: College students create flowchart to see if your Halloween costume is RACIST

In yet another sign of how our colleges are just churning out witless useless social justice warriors without marketable skills, students at Ohio State University produced a flowchart to let you know if your Halloween costume is racist or not!!

Here it is, courtesy of the great people at Campus Reform:


The flow-chart takes a rather more charitable view towards “ironically sexy” costumes, welcoming students to dress up as a “sexy construction worker” or “animal of some sort,” but cautioning them against costumes featuring “traditional head wear from other cultures.”

Donning foreign headgear is fine for students who are not white, it elaborates, but those who are white should “try a new costume idea.”

Campus Reform reached out to the editor of 1870 Magazine for comment, but has not received a response.

What strikes me about these kinds of efforts is how futile and pointless they are. The social justice warrior who wants such a chart doesn’t NEED a chart, because they’re already so indoctrinated they’d never do anything remotely politically incorrect.

This is just like those “how to avoid fake news” directions – the people who need to avoid fake news don’t want to avoid fake news.

Here are some vapid observations from the muppets on Fox’n’Friends:

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