Rush: No one is ‘SINCERELY’ offended by Trump’s sh**hole remark, they’re FAKING IT

El Rushbo weighed in on the current public furor over Trump’s “s**thole” remark, and he says that no one is actually offended by it, it’s all fake outrage.

Watch below:

There is no doubt that some in the media and definitely the Democrats are exaggerating the offense they’re feeling from Trump’s comments, but it’s a little convenient and rather extreme to say that no one is actually offended. You can say that of the left, but there are plenty of reasonable people on the right who just think it’s a bad idea to call other countries “sh**hole countries.”

Limbaugh goes on to explain how the media and Hollywood constantly bashes and insults conservative religious Americans, and it’s because of this that most just don’t give a damn what these same people tell them to be offended over. He’s pretty dead on about that, and that explains much of the appeal of Trump… but that doesn’t mean we should defend everything Trump does and says just because we hate the media and the left. How are we any better then?

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