Scumbag Democrat Senator pins Syrian kid killed under Obama on Trump

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In an unbelievably shameless scumbag move, Connecticut’s Senator Murphy tried to shame Congress into speaking out against Trump’s immigration ban by posting the terrible image a Syrian child that died UNDER OBAMA.

Look at this BS:

What an utter and complete hypocritical ass this guy is. Connecticut should tar and feather him and run him out of the state on a rail.

That kid could have been saved, perhaps, if Obama had done ANYTHING to stabilize Syria, but he didn’t. And the refugee crisis that has been exacerbated by ISIS and the turmoil in Iraq were a direct result of this jackass Obama going out of his way to ruin George W. Bush’s legacy. That kid’s death is squarely on Obama, not on any Republican.

The scumbag tried to defend himself after so many objected to his idiocy:

What a disgusting hypocrite.

Murphy has in the past demanded that we accept 50,000 refugees, but advocated against Obama putting troops in Syria to stop the crisis causing the refugee exodus. Why isn’t he demanding that any of the 57 Muslim states in the world, with well over a BILLION adherents, take in the Muslim victims of Muslim aggression? Why do WE have to do it?

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