Sessions orders probe into Bundy mistrial…

AG Sessions wants an investigation into the odd mistrial against Bundy and his gov’t land-seizing clan.

Watch below:

More from the Washington Times:

Attorney General Jeff Sessions has stepped into the Bundy prosecution after Wednesday’s mistrial, ordering a third-party examination of the case in light of the latest government snafu.

“The Attorney General takes this issue very seriously and has personally directed that an expert in the Department’s discovery obligations be deployed to examine the case and advise as to the next steps,” said Ian D. Prior, principal deputy director of public affairs, in a late Wednesday statement.

The decision to intervene came after U.S. District Chief Judge Gloria Navarro declared a mistrial over the government’s “willful failure to disclose information” to the defense, saying it would have been “impossible” for the four co-defendants to receive a fair trial.

“Failure to turn over such evidence violates due process,” Chief Judge Navarro said in the courtroom as reported by the Arizona Republic. “A fair trial at this point is impossible.”

This is really odd – I don’t think the Bundys have much reason on their side, but the way the feds screwed this up shows how badly they can misuse their powers. I hope more comes out about this.

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