‘STOP IT with that STUPID talking point!’ – Don Lemon abruptly shuts down Trump debate

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CNN’s Don Lemon got so angry at a Trump defender on his panel that he abruptly shut it down and walked away angrily. Frankly, I don’t blame him.

Paris Dennard is one of the dumbest Trump supporters in existence, and that’s saying something because they have built up quite the pantheon of imbeciles. But he regularly spits out the worst and most cliched defenses of Trump, so that everyone just rolls their eyes whenever he speaks. It’s like they’re not even trying to win an argument because their followers don’t give a damn about reason and logic anyway.

And Don Lemon is right – the worst of Trump supporters are using “fake news” the same way liberals use the word “fascist.” There’s no definition that fits, it just a statement of childish dislike, as if they’re yelling, “I don’t like it!!”

Anyway you all have an open thread, you fake news fascists.

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