The Golden Globes have barely started and they’re already SMH

The Golden Globes. Yet another chance for Hollywood to pat itself on the back for being our moral superiors and societal betters.

Hollywood talks big games about “issues” and reward themselves handsomely for their brave awareness raising. These lavish wastes of millions of dollars throwing themselves parties aren’t just for their own fun and ego. No no, they are a way to get messages out about poverty and global warming and Trump. So it’s totally worth electricity, gasoline, expensive clothes, free swag, and all the accoutrement of wealthy they have yet to spread around.

I guess, then, they’re pretty sexist. I mean, that’s what this shirt says.

I can’t adequately express how dumb this shirt is. It doesn’t make sense, of course, and it does nothing for poverty. Just like 200 million dollar award shows a year doesn’t do anything for poverty, or for anyone living in poverty.

But hey, at least it looks terrible and stupid.

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